Solo Trans-Atlantic Live Blog Day 4

As  Commodore Rynd  had predicted the sea calmed down over night and the header photo was taken from my breakfast table   in Britannia Grill and repeated here: still a reasonable swell but nothing like the 7 – 9 metre swells of yesterday…

Atlantic swell

Breakfast was excellent. A good plate of smoked salmon and scrambled egg set me up for the morning, the first serial of which was back to Illuminations for what proved the crème-de-la-crème of this voyage’s lectures.

Presented by Dr. Susan Humphris and entitled ‘Hot Rocks, Black Smokers, and Life Without Light on the Sea Floor’ it explored and compared hot springs and the unique life forms around these seafloor hot springs that vent both heat and chemical-rich deposits. Superbly presented with amazing graphic slides and video this really was a ground breaking experience to attend.

This was quickly followed after a short coffee break by another good presentation on Aviation pioneers by Captain Chris Roberts of harrier fame.

I had a break from The Golden Lion and as an alternative stopped to listen to the ship’s Caribbean Band, Vibz, who were playing at the covered Pavilion Pool Bar. There was no change in the clocks today so I took lunch in the Britannia Club Restaurant.

The RADA team on board gave an interesting ‘Arabian Nights’ in the Royal Court Theatre and my afternoon completed with my first visit on this voyage to Afternoon Tea in the Queens Room…


 …complete with ‘White Glove Service’.

I mustn’t forget to mention Queen Mary 2’s library. Situated in a commanding position this is the largest library at sea and an ever popular venue for book lovers or just those seeking the  peace and quiet of a spectacular position overlooking the bow of Queen Mary 2…


This evening I had booked into one of the  Kings Court speciality restaurants, Lotus.  Capturing the both the spirit of Asia and Pan-Asian cuisine, it draws on influences of Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China with tantalizing flavours and textures from each country.

It was with considerable pleasure that I was accompanied by my guest Girlie, the Guest relations Purser…

One dish from the ‘taster menu’, …the Shrimp Katsu and Peking Style Crispy Duck Pancake…

I will in due course do a full review of our evening in Lotus. Probable title…’The Queen’s Lotus Eaters’.

I’m excited about tomorrow.  I have learned that Cunard will be showing the Arsenal v Southampton Premiership match live in The Golden Lion, I’m also off to the Spa and it’s the World Club Cocktail Party tomorrow evening. Yehaw.

The answer to one of yesterday’s comment is yes, I’ll need a cruise to get over this one.  

5 responses to “Solo Trans-Atlantic Live Blog Day 4

  1. Dear Richard,
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Oh well, there must have been some “bouncing” even though the ship is constructed for weather alike… I guess the nausea-pill-deposit will have shrinked quite a bit with that weather over night.
    Keep on sailng and enjoy!

  2. Another excellent update you’re certainly having a great time.
    We too have been fortunate to have attended the same lecture by Dr. Susan Humphris of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – the underwater photography is stunning.
    You also captured my favourite spot in the Library.
    Not yet dined at the Lotus, will give it a go in a little over two weeks’ time. Enjoy the match tomorrow the local “Derby” game up here was exiting and an honourable draw.

  3. Well done Richard, I am embarking the Queen Mary 2 on 30th November 2013. I am meeting friends who have not travelled on this vessel before, it is a few years since I travelled on th QM2 , your blog has enriched our anticipation for the upcoming voyage, please accept our grateful thanks for your efforts

    Kind Regards


  4. You certainly will Richard still keeping very busy. This blog has now confirmed for me that I was right to want to do one of these. I love sea days and New York so double transatlantic next year for sure. Keep the details coming.

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