Solo Trans-Atlantic Live Blog Day 3

Readers may notice that the header photograph for today is taken from the G32. It may give a clue as to where I am spending the latter parts of the evening/early morning. A kind of a memorial to this cruise.

For me the day again began early and I was at breakfast just after 8.00.  Having studied the comprehensive list of activities in the ‘Daily Programme’ I had my plan. First serial was to be the first of the day’s Insight Programme Lecture.

The theme of this lecture was ‘Dr Edward Wilson’ whom I am sure readers will recall was the friend and confidant of  Robert Falcon Scott, aka Scott of the Antarctic. Edward Wilson died along with Scott on their on their ill fated attempt to reach the South Pole. The lecture was given very professionally by Dr Isobel Williams and proved a most enlightening chronology of one of Britain’s unsung pioneers.

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog we have been sailing through a particularly rough swell and inclement weather. This has affected the ship’s satellite connections and has proved a minor frustration in the filing of this blog.

Clocks were again advanced by one hour at midday and I again met up with my friends for a beer and chat in the Golden Lion where today’s entertainment was live jazz. As usual the pub was packed and we joined a table with other passengers, enjoying a chat and exchange of opinions on Cunard. We again opted for a pub lunch and for me it had to be the Fish and Chips…

One particular service that Cunard provide on Trans Atlantic crossings  is an onboard UK Immigration Officer who, over a three day period,  inspects all passengers passports. Allocations of times are promulgated in the Daily Programme and the routine is  efficient.

Early afternoon I took the opportunity for a second ‘Insights’ lecture, this one given by the excellent Captain Chris Roberts and was about the design and development of the Harrier Jump Jet. As one would expect this was a very professional lecture given by someone who had served as  both a Royal Air Force Harrier pilot and later a Maintenance Test Pilot at RAE where future aircraft upgrades and developments are evaluated.

The evening was the second Formal evening of the cruise. I had been invited to  join The Captain’s Table in the Britannia Restaurant which, on this occasion,  was hosted  by the Deputy Captain,  Dariusz  Gozdzik,  and the Assistant Entertainment Director, Edward James.

Following Dinner I accompanied another solo guest at Captain’s table  to the Royal Court Theatre…

…for the evenings show featuring Jackie Scott, a singer who  has played, in the West End,   the lead role in the musical, Evita.  Jackie Scott gave a great performance and thoroughly deserved her standing ovation from a most appreciative audience.

The evenings show was late change from the scheduled Royal Cunard singers and Dancers production of ‘Viva Italia’ which has been rescheduled pending calmer sea conditions. Also as a consequence of the changed entertainment schedule, the Big Band Night in the Queens room has also been rescheduled.

The evening was capped over a few drinks and a bop in the G32 Night Club with friends and other guests.

Out of interest there are daily get-togethers for solo passengers, times are promulgated on the Daily programme. As yet, however,  I have not found the need to utilize this facility.

Footnote: Thanks for the recent comment Rob of RobbaCruise. I know my mate Stanley from the playmates site just loves the way I attract the fairer sex. I’d appreciate it if you would send him the link…

G32 and friends

4 responses to “Solo Trans-Atlantic Live Blog Day 3

  1. Despite the weather you seem to be having a great time, Richard. You do pack a lot into 24 hours – I think I’d be worn out! Looking forward to next blog – I’m hooked!

  2. Very diplomatic not to venture into the Solo daily get together’s but may I remind you that is part of the reason for the cruise , to experience all that is offered Solo cruisers. Will post the link , if they still allow me 🙂
    Glad to see you are enjoying yourself

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