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Life has changed since my initial review of the Bolsover Cruise Club Forum…

Update for 2017

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A relatively newcomer to the UK’s Cruise Forum list  but from initial observations one likely to make an impact that will soon make it one of the  market leaders providing the administration can control the trolls.

An online community developed 100% with the user in mind and offering the chance to obtain a wide range of advice.

The new easy to navigate style, layout and innovative technological advances will certainly give it the edge in new membership recruitment. Clear categories aid  easy navigation while  prompt responses from the administration team to new queries show this venture actually means business.

I was very impressed when a member requested a new category space for dedicated cruise reviews – bingo, around 24 hours and it was done”

A minor fault that really needs attention  is however the size of the ‘Recent Comment‘ section. It really needs to be expanded to at least double the sze in order to keep recent comments current.

Always willing to help fellow cruisers Solent Richard takes this opportunity to provide an answer for member ‘Jemima’ who has asked the question…”has any member been on Viking Star? If so what is your opinion”?

here’s your answer Jemima, just click on the link…



This forum already has some well seasoned cruisers making quality contributions: members with considerable cruise experience and ones who are  unafraid to make good use of photographic opportunities to enhance their quality postings.

Membership certainly appears to be increasing rapidly and I predict a bright future for those who would prefer this more technically advanced forum site which currently doesn’t appear littered with pressurised cruise sales advertising or too many off-topic distractions.

The Mission statement:

We are the Cruise Club Forum, a discussion site dedicated to cruise news, discussions, reviews and general chat! 

We want you, the community, to get the most out of the Cruise Club Forum’s discussion boards, and for them to be a fun place full of constructive conversation, where you can ask for help, or share your experiences from the world of cruising.  

Topics can range from favourite cruise lines, ships, itineraries, destinations, best cruises for families, solo cruises, funny experiences, reviews and more.

Good luck Lucy and your team,  Solent Richard was delighted  to play his part in the forum’s growth .

Avid followers of this Blog will by now be aware that Solent Richard has parted company with the Bolsover Forum. Having watched the membership grow – now standing at some 7,440 members – while reaching  the remarkable achievement of becoming their top poster in less than three years…


…and with an even more remarkable 1806 membership approval rating that will certainly stand for a while. (now there’s a challenge), it is time to move on.

Never one to shy away or speak his mind, or confront what he considers unfairness, Solent Richard questioned the forum administration regarding their embargo on his using  links to his popular blog: which of course would have saved considerable effort ‘cutting and pasting’ text and photographs  from it when members expected answers or information.

Regrettably this approach coincided with a Bolsover invitation SR received to register for the  new releases of P&O and Cunard cruises. In response SR made his position quite clear. The rest is history and, needless to say, SR’s business went elsewhere.

As did Solent Richard…LOL…but not before he took the opportunity of correcting the one thing he despises most… the downright lie.

Step forward forum member and part time cruisingmate  Pennbank who, for reasons best known to himself,  decided to publish a completely inaccurate version of what was said on the ITV series ‘The Cruise.’

Of course ‘friendly’ forums don’t like their membership squabbling or correcting one another over such minor trivia as total misquotes….

As I said at the time, Hook, Line and Sinker.

So good luck to the Bolsover Forum for the future. Solent Richard is sure that it will be interesting to watch its progress.

In the meantime Solent Richard would like to thank those members of the Bolsover Forum who have sent kind messages of support: and particularly those four who have started following my blog.

Needlesss to say there were one or two members who were more than pleased to see Solent Richard cease posting on the Bolsover Forum. Leading the way, and with very good reason, was member Pennbank who never forgave Solent Richard for exposing his creepy habit of signing up for ‘Roll Calls’  then never showing up – well, at least to identify himself: preferring to hover outside range in true stalking manner. And as if to rub salt into an already open wound one of the last acts of SR on the Bolsover forum was to show Pennbank  to be a consummate ‘porky’ teller. Why on earth would anyone claim a woman on the television Princess cruise documentary said words that she very clearly didn’t? Of course Pennbank’s real problem with SR is that he knows that SR knows what is behind Pennbank’s attraction to Cunard.

It would appear the Forum is missing Solent Richard’s advice. In answer to a question regarding taxi tours from Aqaba this is what member Tumbling wrote…

So any member reading this would they please pass the following link on to Tug Boat Tommy…

or the link to the Tour operator who arranges the taxi…

And so to Tumbling?

Looks remarkably like yet another sock puppet for the crusingmates’ very own Jolly Jill who, along with the banned playmate 132LK were recently caught taking a close interest in Solent Richard’s Bolsover profile…

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Not all is bad news and it is good to see another member remaining alert to the trolls…

 Close call linking the banned Spud to member  HLM. Actually Solent Richard would have linked HLM closer to 132LK as he did Sinbad10 to the banned Shilly3191.
And knowing how upset she will feel at being ignored it is good to see the biggest troll and multi sock puppet operator of all  having her say. Thanks for the visits to this blog Fudge.
Fudge, by the way, comes in  many guises, and has been banned from more forum than you could wave a big stick at, though the most infamous names she operated underwere Mo and Tintop.
Usually plays the roll of ‘trojan horse’ befriending members with PMs and then feeding info back to her cohorts. Which is not surprising particularly when she is spotted in links with SueSpud and 132LK, who of course ostensibly had her banned from the old P&O forum and the cruised one.
Fudge reckons 123LK tells the truth
You really couldn’t make it up but thanks again for the publicity Mo. JTD and Spartan are laughing their socks off.
One other member who is delighted that Solent Richard has parted company with Bolsover: Sinbad10, aka Shilly3191. Having had to correct him on the different flavours of soft shell crab it now appears Steve needs more correction.
Gifted for writing garbage take a look at this comment re gratuities at Far Eastern hotels…
Actually Silly, if you stayed for a similar length of time you’d pay even more…
In fact the 10% you’d pay would only be for Bed and Breakfast. Any other expenditure would also attract the 10%.
Hey ho, all good fun. At least the membership won’t have to put up with any more boring ‘beautiful Yorkshire’ and that’s one less job for SR’s wide angle lens.

Update for 2017

The middle of 2016 saw a major problem for the forum when the technology company responsible for the site pulled the rug from under them.
Weeks passed before a new company was sourced and while the forum is now back ‘up and running’ it doesn’t have the feel, and look, of the original venture: like everything, you get what you pay for and without a regular source of income from Solent Richard’s business who knows what other cutbacks are in the offing.
Here’s maybe another reason why the Bolsover Forum has followed the other UK sites on the slide to near oblivion.  One member recently posted…
“I know we don’t know each other but there are certain contributors whose comments I look forward to reading. So unless I’ve missed a topic does anyone know what’s happened to Terminator. I for one miss his take on things”.
A later response got reasonably close to the demise…
“Terminator is not the only one. What happened to Wheels36, RobBar, Ron, Jaguar1, Harvey and many others that used to be regular posters but now rarely appear if at all…Others went at the time of various ‘disagreements’.”
“If you look at the majority of ‘specialist’ forums they start off busy and then either the posters become bored move on or they become forums for games and other posts that have nothing to do with the speciality. “
Solent Richard couldn’t agree more with the poster though he could have mentioned that the exodus of those screen names kind of coincided with the departure ‘under threat’ of Solent Richard.
History seems to repeat itself, especially when such cruising talent produces laughable statements, shall we say, a little wide of the mark.
Haven’t we seen that avatar before HLM?

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