Silver Travel Forum

Silver Travel Forum


Over a number of years Solent Richard has willingly supported the Silver Travel Advisor on both their Home and Forum pages.

Though not a dedicated cruise forum, the Silver Travel forum does have a cruise related section and over the years Solent Richard has contributed many high quality and well received reviews and reports as well as assisting in hosting ship visits by members.

However Solent Richard has now parted company with the organisation following a series of requests that he somewhat limit his contributions to the forum stating that…

” some members have much humbler travel experiences, and I don’t want them to feel inadequate.  We want the Forum to be a place where everyone feels comfortable to share their opinions and experiences. You are very fortunate to have such luxurious trips, but I really don’t feel that our Forum is the place for promoting these so expansively”.

Solent Richard has of course noted that the forum as a whole has been very limited in its travel coverage and generally relies on non travel banter threads, aka ‘What are you up to today’ and ‘What are you reading’ as a means of life support.

So alas the days of Solent Richard displaying the now redundant STA Bag in many amazing world wide places has come to an end…

That was at Nava Kailash or 108 Shiv Mandirs, one of the most amazing temples at Kalna on the River Ganges.


A full review of this amazing journey can be read at…



One response to “Silver Travel Forum

  1. Yes, I’m pleased to be a member though have to remind myself to explore on a monthly basis. A lot of solid contributors with varied experience of all types of travel including cruising. Some of them have retired but now work as Travel Advisors and always on an assignment .

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