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This section of Solent Richard’s Cruise Blog is dedicated to answering specific questions that readers of the blog may have regarding any of the reviews that appear on the blog.


To ask a question simply add your question to the ‘Comment’ box that appears at the end of each review.




8 responses to “Questions and Answers

  1. What a great review of the Viking Star! A quick question. We will be on the Star next April and Rome is one of our stops. It sounds like the included 10hr excursion covered all to be seen in Rome – would this suit us as first timers to be able to “see and do” Rome on a limited budget without having to pay for an independent tour? Thanks in anticipation

    • Good afternoon Helen.

      In response to your question it certainly will suit you as first timers. What’s more the excursion uses the best of local guides and covers one hell of a lot of ground. You will be given some free time for lunch but can still put it to good use to see a bit more. Ask the guide for advice.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Dear Richard,

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    Kind regards Richard and I hope you have a great week!


  3. Hi.
    I am writing a blog about parquet flooring – – and i would like to publish a short article containing an image copyrighted to you from Livadia Palace in Crimeea. Unfortunatelt there is no contact section to this blog so I am asking permission to use this image with the mention that we will quote the source with a link to your blog.
    Thank you.

  4. Richard, just wanted your advice planning a cruise in June that finishes in Barcelona and am thinking of getting a cruise from Southampton the same day, just wondering how doable is getting from Barcelona to Southampton in time to board for the second cruise. Disembarkation on the first cruise means we could aim for 9am flight to Heathrow??? And then get a car service direct to Southampton to board second cruise. Your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated. Cheers V. PS we are Aussies so no EU passport which could mean delays in Heathrow???

  5. Hi Richard . Your review of Croatia on the Lady Eleganza was inspirational reading. Re the actual yacht: could you please advise how steep the stairs are between the main and lower deck cabins. ie: Are they more like ladders on a steep angle? Or reasonably pitched stairs? Hope that makes sense.

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