One way to do Istanbul – The Nocturnal Edition

Much comment is made from the cruising fraternity about having the opportunity and how they would appreciate the odd overnight stay in port: but would you take advantage if it was an option on your cruise?

Well on a recent overnight stay in Istanbul, while onboard P&O’s Azura,  my wife and I took the opportunity when we made one of those rare overnight stops:  It was a  rare opportunity to enjoy an evening in an unusual and vibrant city and to do something, shall we say, a little different.

After some research on the internet we settled for a visit to Sultana’s, one of Istanbul’s top Belly Dancing Restaurant venues and the current home of the amazing Didem…

Booked via the internet, though not paid for in advance,  Sultana’s provide transport from both hotels and cruise ships: both to their venue and return after the show.

Dinner is included, as is complimentary alcohol or soft drinks. By booking online you will receive the internet exclusive menu and an exclusive seating choice…




Well you can’t get much closer to the action than that.

And action there was certainly going to be. A number of ‘warm up’ dancers whet the appetite…








…while dinner was served and the Efes beer, or whatever drink one was having, flowed.

There was an interlude for a short folk loric show…



..before the star of the evening made her first appearance, I give you Didem





The show also included a little audience participation




(the guy in the chair was with another party attending Sultana’s that evening – members from one of the P&O forums)

During the show there was the usual photo shoot…


…while the audience made the usual monetary show of appreciation…


So did SR stash the dosh?

Well some may well remember the lad does have form when it comes to tipping…


The evening cost €55.00 per person and we found that outstanding value. We were on the premises for well in excess of two hours and never once did Sultana’s stop the flow of drinks. The menu was extensive and the food most acceptable.

Sultana’s is highly recommended for an authentic evening in Istanbul and as there are some occasions when even my photographs don’t do justice, I’ll leave you with this one of Didem in action…


Take a look.



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