One Way to Get Around Istanbul

Prompted by a request for information on travelling around Istanbul I thought I’d better rush through an updated version of a theme I did some time ago on a cruise forum. For cruise passengers visiting this vibrant city this explanation of the tram and metro system may well come in handy. It is relatively easy to navigate.

For those leaving the Istanbul Cruise Terminal the most convenient tram stop is Tophane…


…very easy to find whichever cruise terminal exit is used.

In order to board the platform passengers will need to purchase 3 tokens per person. Purchasing the tokens is from a machine at the entrance to the platform…


…and there are clear instructions available near the dispensing machine…


It can also be noted that disabled access to the tram system is available…


To get to the main sites of Istanbul, which means crossing the Galatea Bridge on the tram, passengers must board in the direction of Bagcilar.


A little footnote here. Taking the tram all the way across the Galata Bridge and on to the main tourist sites does deprive the visitor of some magnificent views of Istanbul, not to mention  the chance to savour life on and below the Galata Bridge.


There is another tram stop on the opposite side of the bridge, just in front of the Yeni and Hidayet Mosques and a stones throw from the Spice Market.(see my  ‘One way to do Istanbul’)

The vast majority of visitors though will want to head to the Topkapi Palace and Haghia Sophia Mosque. For those places and many others this is therefore the easiest and quickest route. The most convenient stop for the aforementioned sites is Gulhane.

For The Blue Mosque and the Basilica Cistern I would recommend the Sultanahmet stop and, for the Cemberlitas Turkish Baths, The Grand Bazaar and the Sultan Mahmut II Tomb, then the Cemberlitas stop.


Something different. There is another amazing tram system operating in Istanbul. Called the ‘Nostalgic Tram’ it operates almost the full length of Istiklal Caddesi. Istiklal Street is one of the  most famous avenues in Istanbul and for those that have already visited the more famous attractions across the Galata Bridge Istiklal Street is conveniently situated on the Cruise Terminal side of the Galata Bridge…

Well worth a visit and I will cover it in a future alternative Istanbul review.

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