Solo Trans Atlantic Blog – The Summary

I’m not really sure whether a summary is actually needed however, I started with an aim and I would guess I should, for the record, state whetehr or not that aim was successful.

As we approached Southampton on the final morning I had already gathered many thoughts and mentally noted them in order not to loose them in the euphoria of my arrival home and the excitement of meeting my wife. Dutifully she was there to meet me at Southampton’s Ocean Terminal…

There is no doubt that I experienced life as a solo traveller on a trans Atlantic crossing and in all truthfulness, the late booking made it a very economical cruise. There were upwards of sixty single travellers on board and to the best of my knowledge the majority were seated together for evening meals – one great way to get to know your fellow travellers. A little more difficult when I found myself in the Britannia Club, there was just one other solo female on my table of 8.

Scheduled meetings and coffee mornings were programmed daily for solo travellers so again, little excuse for not having the ability to meet like minded travellers.

For the purpose of this blog I popped into one of the meets in order to gauge the take-up of these group meets. They were well published in the ‘Daily Programme’,  held in varying venues,  and the one I chose appeared  to be reasonably well attended.

The fact that there really is so much going on when Queen Mary 2 crosses the Atlantic, and generally most cruisers are friendly by nature,  should indicate that no solo traveller should have any inhibitions as to ‘feeling lonely’ on board a ship like Queen Mary 2.

The fact also remains that there is also a good percentage of regular solo passengers, particularly females, whom I recognised from past cruises and who keep the ‘Gentleman Hosts’ pretty busy. Cost obviously doesn’t deter these ladies and it was good to see them all enjoying themselves.

Perhaps, just perhaps,  I had read too much into a certain cruise forum’s solo elements and their perpetual moaning as  to the lack of opportunities,  high prices associated with solo  cruising  and generally negative demeanour.


My message to solo cruisers who are considering a Cunard cruise is to get on board and enjoy the experience. I certainly did and mad some new friends…


while enjoying the usual ambiance of Cunard…








as well as the excellent staff…



6 responses to “Solo Trans Atlantic Blog – The Summary

  1. I think this year especially Richard there has been a plethora of good deals for solo travellers, some like my own upcoming cruise at 0% single supplement. However from the forum I suspect you allude to I see many solo travellers seem to have no business sense whatsoever and will only cruise if no/minimal added. Others who do understand how things work assess what they see as affordable and important to them and just get on with it. It would be good as well to see rewards not just for number of days travelled, although that is gratefully received but some cruisers part with very little of their cash once on board whilst others spend freely on top of their higher fares. A little acknowledgement of that would be valued too.

  2. A good summary Richard. I always reflect on a cruise too and your comments were objective.

    Maybe I’ll do a Cunard in the not too distant future. There have been some excellent offers for January but unfortunately I’m committed elsewhere. I’ll keep an eye out though.

  3. Excellent summary of your solo crossing Richard. Must give food for thought to people who are not so keen on travelling solo. It is something I know I could do if I had to do so.
    Great photos and BTW, I love the pale blue evening jacket. Very dapper!

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