Solo Trans – Atlantic Blog Day 6

I now appear to be into  standard  routine: no surprise there, if it works why change it.

A leisurely breakfast around 8.00 am followed by the first serial of the day, the ‘ConneXtions’ Seminar which today was –  Social Networking – Facebook – hotly followed by the penultimate Dr. Susan Humphris presentation entitled ‘ Rivers in the Atlantic: How They Control Climate…


That was, as usual, presented in Illuminations. For the next serial there was a change of venue due to the fact Illuminations is also the venue for the ship’s  Inter-denominational Church Service.  So I headed off to The Royal Court Theatre to hear the presentation given by Olympian Athlete Derek Radford.


Having dined with Derek the evening before and I must admit to not quite knowing what to expect from Derek him while on stage. He was great, straight down the line and absolutely down to earth: telling it how it was with a great mix of humour and passion. The audience  were most appreciative and I was pleased I made the effort to attend.


Lunchtime saw the clocks advance an hour for the penultimate occasion as was the visit to the Golden Lion. I repeated a previous order for the ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’.


I took the opportunity to visit the ‘Voyage Sales Office’ this afternoon and placed a future deposit on a Cunard Cruise. There are some great offers of On Board Credit to be had with this system and one can book a voyage up to 24 months in advance but must make the booking within 12 months of paying the deposit of £50.00 per head.


There was a Dixieland Jazz session mid-afternoon in the Chart Room…


before I headed for the Queens Room where, this afternoon a  ‘Tea Dance’ was the order of the day. Altogether a more quintessentially Cunard affair…


I was really missing Mrs SR as I recalled so many of these occasions when we would circumnavigate the dance floor, Quickstep to Waltz, Cha Cha Cha to Rhumba. . The Gentleman hosts were kept busy.



Tea over I headed for the canyon Ranch Spa…



…where I relaxed a little and unwound a little more. How very  interesting. I was pretty  amazed to find the Spa well packed and maybe just a few beds to choose from. My batteries needed recharging prior to the final ‘Cocktail Party’ of this voyage, the Senior Officer’s Party.


Now this was good. The last of the Formal evenings, not as heavily subscribed as the other Cocktail Parties while also not confined to World Club members. Many new faces, lots of ship’s officers,  and some interesting conversations with the fairer sex…


Dinner followed the party and tonight Lobster was on the menu. Indeed, I chose seafood for the first two courses washed down with a pretty good Pinot Grigio.


Good to see that the tradition of offering crystalised Ginger remains with the Britannia club restaurant…


The after dinner show was the second performance by West end singer Jacqui Scott who once again received a standing ovation.

It was Ascot Ball Night in the Queens Room and despite arriving late it was obvious that many ladies had dressed for the occasion and, in addition, a number of gentlemen turned up in top hats. Well done guys.

The G32 was buzzing. The resident Caribbean group Vibz  were their usual good self and the nights disco theme was ‘Michael Jackso’. It’s been a long time since I have seen G32 so popular – or so packed.


I dread to recall what time our group retired, still, with only one full sea day to go I see the wagon on the horizon….



I did bring a book to read on this voyage. The funny thing is that it hasn’t been opened yet…



Best Kept Secret?


It’s certainly no secret that a Queen Mary 2 voyage across the Atlantic will fully occupy everyone.

7 responses to “Solo Trans – Atlantic Blog Day 6

  1. You really seemed to have packed so much into this trip Richard which goes to show just how much there is to do on a Cunard cruise – and you don’t need climbing walls! Nice to see the dress code in force too. I have pre-registered for one of the 3 Queens visit to Liverpool in 2015, don’t mind which one but it will be a historic occasion.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences and keep on sailing and enjoying every miinute!
    Yes, one can really be “overbusy” on a TA-crossing, since program is usually really “packed” with acitvities. Whoever feels bored or lonely, it’s said to be his/her own fault…
    And: well done on the downpayment, so I assume you two will enjoy one of the Cunard ships pretty soon again.
    All the best !

  3. Feels like we have been with you all the way and have certainly enjoyed every wave of the adventure. Great to read you caught Derek Redmond’s presentation, one we would attend if he repeats on a future sailing if we’re on board. Fully agree on the not so best kept secret – QM2 the only real way to do a transatlantic!

  4. Hi Richard enjoyed your blog immensely! I felt quite homesick after having spent such a long time on QM2 myself. Great memories and photos. Just wondered why on formal night, Royal Ascot night your lady friends were in short dresses and one had a day bag? Fashion police in operation here:)

  5. Great memories for me seeing QM2. Love the ship as you know and your photos are stunning. Thanks for the updates.
    One thing, on formal night cocktail party/Royal Ascot Ball. Why were your pretty female companions not wearing evening gowns? One even had a day bag with her, Please note the fashion police are about. 🙂

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