One Way to do Skagway – Part 2

Following on from Skagway Part 1 we found ourselves with enough time on our hands to discover Skagway town rather than return directly to the ship.

There is genuinely something of a  Wild West look about Skagway or, to be more precise, a town in a time lock…

We found this particularly good museum though must confess that time to explore it fully was not on our side…

For those who have not signed up for any excursions there is a local tour bus that departs from the local railway station…

…which itself has a surrounding area of memorabilia …



In the event the visitor finds time on their hands I did notice that a number of ship’s excursions took in a visit to Eagles hall, a local theatre where events surrounding Skagway’s gold-rush history are played out daily in a show entitled ”Days of 98 Show’…

Doesn’t that look fun?

There is an abundance of souvenir and jewellery shops in addition to the usual touristy outfitters. There is also an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars, many of which line the route either from the ship’s berth or back to the ship, depending on which way you walk.

Central to Skagway is its  most famous building, the two-story Arctic Brotherhood Hall. This driftwood-decorated frame building was the home of a fraternal group founded by gold seekers on their way to the Klondike. The building of “Camp Skagway No. 1” was erected in 1899, and the facade was put up the following year….

Whilst admiring this famous Skagway building my eye was drawn to a neighbouring building barely three doors away…

The Red Onion Saloon…

Time for a beer or two ? Now I fancied a beer so hang on awhile and that may just become the subject of  ‘One Way to do Skagway – Non PC Edition….

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