One Way to do Windsor and Eton from Southampton

I often here the question from cruise ship passengers visiting the port of Southampton ‘How far is it to Windsor’ so I thought it may be of interest to include what can be done in a day when on a ship visit to Southampton.

Windsor and its twin town of Eton are approximately an hour and a quarter drive from Southampton.

Windsor, with its famous castle, sits on the banks of the River Thames


and is linked to Eton, the home of the United Kingdom’s most famous Public School, Eton College, by the equally historical  ‘Windsor Town Bridge’

Central to Windsor is of course its Castle, a royal residence originally built in the 11th Century


…and which is open to the public, generally around the year between the hours of 9.45 am and 5.15 pm. There are certain restrictions but this website is a handy reference…

There are of course many other attractions of historical interest in Windsor, including the old railway station originally constructed in 1849, a large part of which has  now been converted into a tourist-oriented shopping centre, called Windsor Royal Shopping

There are museums and other buildings of historic interest and the odd archetypal displays of the great British sense of humour…

There is also  the usual tourist orientated Hop on -Hop off bus service…

No visit to Windsor would be complete without at least a glimpse into its ever so close neighbour, Eton, which is but a short walk across the Windsor Town Bridge…

…and into Eton High Street…

Not quite into a time warp but there are some fascinating ‘Olde Worlde’ sites to be seen as one takes a walk along the High Street in the direction of the College.

For example this Victorian Post Box…

College Students out for a stroll…

Or maybe gaze into one of the many specialist College tailors windows…

Recognise the name?

Not too distant along the High Street is the College Main Buildings…

…with its magnificent Library…


Equally impressive attached Chapel…


(Sorry about the scaffolding and covers, it was under maintenance)


And on the opposite frontage of the College, the historic Saville House…

The College is itself is often open to visitors. Details can be found at…

I hope this whistle stop tour illustrates just what can be done in a day from Southampton Cruise Terminal. All easily achievable and a memorable day out.

For those with a little longer time there are plenty of quaint and traditional English Pubs in both towns as well as an extremely good selection of restaurants -but that is another report.


6 responses to “One Way to do Windsor and Eton from Southampton

  1. Thanks for this Richard, great photos as usual.

    We visited Windsor for the first time in April this year when we were staying at Heathrow between flights. It was a choice of going in to London or getting our first trip to Windsor. However it was so easy catching a bus to Windsor just outside the hotel at Terminal 5 & it was cheap too with our bus passes.

    I loved the little shopping arcade at the station you mentioned & like you couldn’t resist taking a photo of the telephone box. It’s a great place for photographs. However it was so cold that we spent quite a bit of time getting coffees & warming up! Funny I always thought it was 10 degrees warmer down south!

    Thanks for the memories Richard!

  2. Hi RIchard

    Thank you for your interesting and beautifully presented review…..we will have to visit Windsor again and see the sights you have mentioned….we obviously have missed a lot….only seeing the castle…

    Love the pictures

  3. Another good review up to your usual standard Richard. We visit Windsor regularly and can only say your account is pretty accurate. Hopefully see you on QE in a couple of months.


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