Cruise Community Forum

Another UK based cruise forum that has basically lost its appeal and is now reduced to a handful of members with a limited output of comments and off topic banter.

It does still reflect a heavy bias towards P&O and, in that respect, there can be some good genuine reviews from just one or two members who are P&O stalwarts.

It does however appear to be run on a bit of a budget and there are strict conditions on posting photographs which indicates a very limited webspace rental.

Another reason for its lack of appeal is that it went through a period of poor administration where the usual suspects from other forums suespud, Dancing Queen and wolfie) had a disruptive influence….

The above link is to a thread where the three trolls played their usual game taunting and goading  a genuine cruiser (Boris) until that cruiser left the community. while the Admin looked on.

Solent Richard is happy to highlight the three…

Suespud who is recognisable as Spud on a number of forums, very limited cruising experience, and who was banned from the Bolsover Forum for abusive and disruptive comments. Dancing Queen whose claims of being a regular Cunard passenger stretch the even the widest of imaginations and never actually appears to write a review,  and finally wolfie, the undoubted queen of sock puppets better known as Diva18 (CruiseDot) and Avid Cruiser (Cruisingmates): though ‘avid’  is questionable under any circumstance  as it’s years since she last sailed on the world’s oceans.

Update June 2019.

In a recent exceptionally interesting article by a member named ‘Mervyn and Trish’, whom Solent Richard met on the P&O Britannia maiden cruise, onboard ‘suite’ accommodation was compared between P&O and Cunard.

Far more interesting though was the interjection,  that one could not help noticing, by one of the above mentioned trolls, Dancing Queen…

“… we never travel anything less than Queens Grill with Cunard and they certainly don’t come more ‘down to earth’ than me,…”

Well isn’t that just typical of the kind of porkies that one hears from those who hide behind a screen name. She certainly wasn’t booked to travel in a Queens Grill stateroom in December 2011 when, Solent Richard sent her an invitation for drinks to his Queens Grill stateroom before the cruise commenced (she had booked a Britannia balcony No. 11139) , she suddenly announced on the CruiseDot Forum that she had had to cancel the cruise just a few weeks prior to sailing and …

“…sods law I don’t have all the documentation, I didn’t keep the original invoice, I only “shredded it” on Thursday as I had e-tickets etc the cruise had been paid for and I didn’t think I needed it…”

One can’t help but be reminded of a DQ statement made to Boris during the above noted confrontation…

“I wouldn’t describe anything as ridicule Em but you do leave yourself wide open to criticism with some of the bizarre statements you come out with which very often contradict something you have previously said, strangely enough it is the bizarre statements which tend to stick in people’s minds”.

Guffaw, guffaw.

You couldn’t make it up.



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